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If you require CCTV footage please read the CCTV Footage Requests section at the bottom of this page for further information as we do not accept CCTV footage requests via this web site. For all other enquiries, please complete the form below.

CCTV Footage Requests

If you require CCTV footage of an incident you have been involved in please be aware of the following before requesting any footage:

  • Cameras are installed to see overall traffic conditions, not individual vehicles
  • Cameras are not installed in all areas or pointing in all directions, consequently the chances of having a camera in the area and pointing in the right direction is limited
  • If an image of the incident is available then, generally, it will not be zoomed in and may not show details such as number plates and faces
  • If the images show another vehicle's details, such as the number plate, it may not be possible to release this information to the public under Data Protection Act. This would result in the images being released with any details being obscured blurred
  • Images are only held for a maximum of seven days and this may be less depending on traffic volumes
  • If images are available and releasable you will be asked to provide two items of identification prior to the images being sent
  • If, having been advised of the above, you wish to proceed you must provide detailed and specific information on the date, time and location of the incident including the direction of travel. Without these pieces of information it may not be possible to locate any relevant images
  • The Department for Transport (DfT), like all other government departments, is a 'public authority' to which the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) apply. The Department is comprised of a central policy organisation and seven executive agencies. The executive agencies are part of the Department for this and other purposes - they have no separate legal identity and are not public authorities in their own right.

To make a FOI or EIR request to any part of DfT please write to:

Highways England
National Traffic Operations Centre
3 Ridgeway
Quinton Business Park
Quinton Expressway
B32 1AF

Telephone: 0300 123 5000

We do not accept CCTV footage requests via this web site. For all other enquiries, please complete the form above.

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